U.S. Election With Digital Marketing

Marketing is the art of creating awareness, forming impressions, persuasion and leading an audience of individuals to take a specific requested action.

While marketing is generally used for products or services, as a digital marketer there is no greater challenge I can think of than using it to win an election. But how would one go about such a task?

Like every marketing endeavor, research comes first. As U.S. elections are heavily based on winning states, start by mapping out states by the percentage of Republican and Democrat supporters residing in each state. The next step is to investigate the percentage of known active voters in each state. Base this data on a percentage of prior elections, added to the percentage of swing votes.

Having undertaken these steps, the map would show me the following:

  • The states with the most support for the selected candidate.
  • The states with the least support for the selected candidate.
  • The states with the most potential support.
  • The states with the most swing voters.

This becomes the basis for understanding which states should receive targeted marketing, and what kind of message should be transmitted in each state.

If a state has majority support, the message should urge people toward voting in the election.

If the potential is high but voting is low, the message detailing the importance of voting for their preferred candidate should be stronger.

If the states are regarded for swing votes, the message should detail what the preferred candidate has to offer and focus on increasing their likeability score in the targeted areas.

But what about states with low support? It’s a matter of ROI; how much worth, financially, it will cost to turn those states toward the preferred candidate.

This also brings up two very important factors taken into account throughout the whole process. While many people have a predetermined choice of vote, when it comes to the actual vote, when they are standing at the booth, alone with no one to judge them and complete anonymity, some will go with what they truly believe is right for them.

Some people have predetermined feelings of belonging and a favorite party; ultimately, people care about what their president will do for them on a personal level. You might be a Republican and care about your second amendment, but if you also happen to be out of a job and the Democrat running makes you feel like they will get you one, you may just have a change of heart.

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