Dynamic changes in the hospitality industry demands a transformational change in approaching and meeting Customer needs. Adopting asset-free strategies and industry consolidation are the key sectors in this transformational shift. We can provide the best in the industry support for hospitality companies on FO & BO operations with the help of advanced technical proficiency.

In this fast growing economy the sustainability without compromising in quality has become the core focus of companies that handles hospitality Sector. One of the greatest challenges faced by the hospitality industry is none other than the cost of man power. Professionals at ICITS are capable enough to provide the support that can help companies manage their operations risk free.

Segments we can serve

Customer Engagement

We can provide premium quality support for Customer care services in inbound, outbound both voice & non-voice platforms.

Data Consolidation

The data consolidation or processing is a field which require human intervention and the main advantage is that this process can be done off shore.

Voice based reservations

Even though we have very latest technology available majority of the hotels/resorts are done over voice. We help your business operations.